Liz has her red hair back again!
Megan and Liz!
Megan and Liz back in Nashville!
Megan and Liz back in Nashville!

Once a macer forever a macer ♡
Megan Mace
Liz looks so much like Megan in the second photo.

Multiplex hecklers, musicians and marksmen are turning YouTube into a career path — and in some cases, a cash register
Collective Digital Studio is testing that with its in-house record label. Its flagship act, Megan and Liz, consists of 21-year-old twins — one fair-haired, the other brunette — who have more than 1.3 million subscribers and nearly a quarter-billion views on YouTube. Weinstein says Collective signed the sister act to “see if we can turn them into Taylor Swift — it was nothing short of that as the goal.”
In 2011, Megan and Liz moved from small-town Edwardsburg, Mich. (population 1,256) to Nashville after high school. They lived here for two years before ditching Music City for what they thought would be L.A.’s greener pastures. This week they’re moving back.
"We left Nashville because at the time, our music was leaning more in the pop direction, and everyone was kind of telling us L.A. is the place to go for pop," Liz Mace says. "But as we stayed in L.A. we realized we’re way more songwriters and we’re super into that songwriting scene that Nashville has, that L.A. doesn’t really have."
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@chriseaton7236: My first #wcw photo goes to @meganmckinley and that random cat that followed us around LA

Megan is a cat whisperer.
Megan and Liz at the Pandora after party!