Megan and Liz on July 4th!
Megan’s new hair cut is stunning!
Love this photo.
I would take all your shhh
Have you seen the new Megan and Liz beauty video?!

Anonymous: Cool video? Are you referring to the reality video thing?

Yes, that is the video I am referring to.

Anonymous: Is the bri/kaykay/liz/megan cool video deleted?... It was such an amazing video...

Megan didn’t seem happy when it was accidentally released, so I think it was deleted.

Megan and Liz in NYC
Megan and Liz went fishing!

Anonymous: Bad for me was on an Audi commercial?!!!??!!!!! So great

I know right! I’m so proud! It’s amazing!!!

New Song Previews

Megan & Liz

Hey hey from Megan and Liz
Liz has her red hair back again!