Megan and Liz’s joint twitter account pic! So gorgeous!
TCASSSSSS (p.s. We are all still very very proud of you for getting nominated.  You got this next year!)
Megan and Liz on July 4th!
Megan’s new hair cut is stunning!
Love this photo.
I would take all your shhh
Have you seen the new Megan and Liz beauty video?!

Anonymous: Cool video? Are you referring to the reality video thing?

Yes, that is the video I am referring to.

Anonymous: Is the bri/kaykay/liz/megan cool video deleted?... It was such an amazing video...

Megan didn’t seem happy when it was accidentally released, so I think it was deleted.

Megan and Liz in NYC
Megan and Liz went fishing!